When Team Gumbit first set out to bring the art of PJ O’Rourke to the metaverse, some of the team had seen early drawings of Gumbit in PJ’s possession, and the idea was born to mint these foundational pieces ahead of releasing the 10K collection. This is Gumbit character development that PJ has been doing for over ten years to bring us to this moment in his career.

On Tuesday April 26th, The Gumbit 1/1 Collector’s Auction will begin. Five exclusive pieces will be auctioned with a reserve price of 0.30 ETH, including Shoeshine Gumbit and Fountain of Ego. Bidders should take note that WETH can be handy beforehand for use on Open Sea.

The mint date for the 10K Collection has also been announced: Tuesday May 10th.

There will be an order of operations to the mint; WhaleList first, followed by GumList, a Partner’s Mint Period, and then the Public sale. A spot on the WhaleList requires ownership of one of the five 1/1s being auctioned on April 26th. Pricing tiers for the mint periods are 0.055 ETH, 0.065 ETH, and 0.085 ETH for the WhaleList, GumList + Partners, and Public, respectively.

See the full roadmap below

roadmap img