PJ O’Rourke, Releases Gumbit Into The Metaverse.

Beloved artist PJ O’Rourke who grew from selling art on Brooklyn’s L train to becoming a pillar of NYC’s historic East Village, is set to exhale 10,000 breaths of digital life into one his most famous creations: Gumbit. The decision to release his hand-drawn art into the metaverse comes after months of clamor from PJ’s devout fan base, as demand for his work has outpaced the limits of physical distribution. The 10K generative NFT art collection will be dubbed “Gumbit by PJ O’Rourke,” and marks the addition of poignantly irreverent and irreverently poignant lore to the world of the fan-favorite character. A man of the people, PJ intends for this foray into the world of NFT’s to facilitate a meaningful, intimate, ongoing communal relationship between himself, his fans (now collectors), and Gumbit community.