In Gumbit’s Journal #7 details of his Dream Swirls emerge. They are made up of so many flashes of the dreams of Gumbit’s ancestors, and of the sometimes hard-to-identify true memories from his own past. Gumbit reflects that it is an exceptional responsibility bestowed upon him, to experience the intensity of so many souls. “I am privileged to be the one who brings these unresolved dreams to rest.” Taking on the roles and personas of so many members in our society, Gumbit has unintentionally unlocked a way of translating complex issues and perspectives for us all.

Mr Gumbits

Gumbit is many things to many people: as cool as mint, as spicy as cinnamon, as sweet as bubble gum, and as weird as black licorice. As Mr. Gumbits, he encourages us to face our world, our feelings and emotions, to be brave and embrace the good in life.

Gum Love

Bob Gumley sings us a simple reminder - Gum Love. Raising his voice, adding rhythm and beauty to this universal message, Gumbit reminds us of the pioneering spirit, the bravery in expression of those that came before him.
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